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Pure Prana Yoga Studio
Why now? Why not?
There’s never a better time to get involved in your community and become a part of the greater good. Work alongside your fellow yogis to spread peace, love, and good karma to those in need.

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Pure Prana Movie Night SATSANG
What is a Satsang? Good and virtuous gathering. Being in the company of those who inspire, encourage, and reflect your true nature.  The company we keep can give us the courage and strength to be kind to other beings. The seeds of compassion ripen in satsang.

In Satsang, Pure Prana hosts a movie night one Friday evening a month. 
The movies relate to yoga, consciousness, and interconnectivity.  We show documentaries that reveal the history of yoga itself and those that shed light on a particular aspect of the practice.  In addition, we select movies that focus on social activism, environmental responsibility, empathetic understanding, music that elevates, and more.

MOVIES start @ 8:00 pm and last until they’re over. 
Feel free to bring nourishing (preferably vegetarian) food if you’re hungry.
Dress comfortably as we’ll be on the floor. The important thing is to come as you are, with an open mind and an open heart and a desire to learn, connect and answer a higher call. Chris "Toodles" Smith is often our host. A genuine faciliator of light, love and community, Chris brings his warmth, wonderment and authentic-self to hold the space.

Movies will be posted as they come up.
The next event is la Source with a local family of little activits.













Charities we have served
American Red Cross
American Friends Service Committee
Friends of the World Food Program
Capital Area Foodbank
Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia
House of Ruth
Zero to Three
Fischer House
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
The Conservation Fund
Clean Water Fund
Bikes for the World

Send us your suggestions on charities and causes at